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Tell Stories. Play Games.

Rediscover the best parts of human connection.




Stories can change the world.

Stories are one of the most powerful elements in our lives. They are how we add context to what we experience, who we are, and how we see the world. Shaping those stories is something best done with others, preferably around a table with friends.

That's where we come in.


Three twelve-week semesters of cooperative storytelling and learning experiences during the school year. Design the world of the story, build characters, and work together to create exciting, innovative, and meaningful stories.

An exciting lineup of one- and two-week programs of immersive gaming experiences, including tons of modern board games, a full cooperative storytelling campaign per week, and daily outdoor active games in the park.

Similar in structure to our summer camp program, our March Break camp offers a full day, week-long program, using modern board games to teach skills such as negotiation, cooperation, and

risk-reward analysis.

Our PA Day programs use modern board games to foster learning about strategy and tactics, and to improve critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and innovative thinking.

In our *NEW* eight-week daytime program designed for homeschooled children, participants learn, play, deconstruct, and design their own modern board games, developing strong language skills, math, creativity, communication, and critical thinking.


Coming soon!



At Game Masters Table, we believe that stories have the power to bring people together and help us to create meaning in our lives.  Cooperative storytelling games, sometimes called roleplaying games or RPGs, are a modern expression of storytelling, which is the oldest method humans used to connect with each other.


From building a character and exploring self-identity to collaboratively designing the world of the game, cooperative storytelling games provide the perfect opportunity for young people to explore personal agency, and to create emotionally cathartic and meaningful experiences.








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