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        Sean Munro has been running tabletop games for roughly a decade, and for the past five years has taught games professionally. He is heavily involved in the Toronto tabletop gaming community, and has made many lasting friendships and partnerships through that community. Sean also has some years' experience with a youth mentorship program, and has been interested for some time in designing programs for youth that incorporate his love of story games. In his personal and professional life, he has been a student of the power of narration, and loves to explore the different stories and narratives we tell in our daily lives.

        Sean believes that games and play-based learning are among the most powerful tools we have towards creating the kinds of people we want future generations to become. He started this program with the goal in mind of helping future adults to shape their sense of self and core identity.

        Sue is an Early Childhood Educator with a decade of experience working with children of all ages, in various environments. She is an advocate for play-based, emergent learning, and has studied children's development from the perspective of creating learning environments which promote young children's autonomy, capability, and self-esteem.

        Sue has consistently formed strong relationships with children and families throughout her career as an educator, and builds those relationships based on solid foundations of trust, open communication, and mutual respect.

Sue has collaborated with Sean to design the Cooperative Storytelling program for youth, utilizing her expertise on children's development to improve and enhance the program to what it is today.



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