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Corporate Events

More and more, businesses and organizations are looking to modern board games to facilitate team-building, cooperation, critical thinking skills, problem solving, and social cohesion among employees.

Book a corporate event in our space, and our resident Game Master will teach and run you and your team through board games that can do things like examine economic principles, mimic how gerrymandering within the electoral system works, or recreate historical events. Give us a subject matter that you want to explore or take a closer look at, and we'll find the game (or games!) for you.

Teaching Teachers

The skills that can be learned through playing modern board games are endless. Games are slowly becoming a regular presence in classrooms from kindergarten to high school, not only for the learning opportunities that they provide, but because they're a lot of fun!

Play-based learning is a hugely important principle within the educational community. Modern early childhood development theory emphasizes the significance of play in young people's development, and board games are an excellent way to engage kids in learning, through activities they're excited about.

When you book an educational event at Game Masters Table, our resident Game Master will recommend and teach you and your colleagues a variety of different board games that exercise different developmental skills appropriate for the age group of children that you teach.

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