Our COVID-19 Precautions

Last updated: February 13, 2022

Online Programming

We are now offering our programming in a fully online format upon request, using the text- and voice-communication platform Discord, on which we have developed a very robust online community. 

In-Person Programming

Our updated COVID-19 precautions for maintaining as low-risk an environment as possible are as follows:



Masks are required to be worn during our programs at all times. Effective immediately, we are updating our mask policy to reflect current public health recommendations, and we will no longer be allowing the use of cloth masks. Masks must be either N95s, KN95s, surgical masks, or other minimum-3-layer disposable masks. We have boxes of surgical and disposable masks to distribute to anyone who needs them, if they don’t have them when they arrive at our space. 


Sean has also acquired N95 masks for himself and will be using them during all programming going forward (while supplies last, etc…). 


HEPA Filter


We have a HEPA (high-efficiency particle absorbing) air filtration unit for our space. In the warmer months we also keep the windows and/or door open as much as possible to improve air circulation. 




For our after school programming, we won’t be allowing food or snacks to be consumed at all. Please ask your children to have their after-school snacks on the way to our space, and to finish before entering. 

Food during full-day camps: As much as possible, we will encourage kids to eat their lunches at the park (weather permitting). However, they will also be permitted to eat their lunches in the separate downstairs space. 


Vaccine Mandate


We do require all participants to be fully vaccinated (according to availability and their eligibility) in order to participate in our programs. We make an exception for medical exemptions to vaccination, provided that the rest of the participant's household is fully vaccinated. 


For transparency, we are both 3-dose vaccinated (our kids are still too young to be eligible). 


Previous Policies We’re Maintaining


  • capping participation at 6 kids per program to limit exposure

  • all participants should self-screen before coming to our program, and if they, or anyone in their household, have any cold or flu symptoms, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND THE PROGRAM and email us to let us know as soon as possible 

  • please notify us by email as soon as possible if your child has a close-contact COVID exposure 

  • sanitizing or washing hands thoroughly with soap upon entering the space

  • sanitizing surfaces between programs

Switching Fluidly Between In-Person and Online

Our programs have the fairly unique capability to switch fluidly back and forth between in-person and online formats, as provincial measures and public health recommendations fluctuate. Whenever it is acceptably safe to do so, we maintain our in-person programming, but when heavier restrictions are in place (or at parents' and families' discretion for whatever reason), we can instantly adapt our programs to switch to an online format.


This allows us to offer a continuous week-to-week experience for the kids in our programs, without disrupting their schedules, while maintaining health and safety measures as recommended by the province and the city.