Cooperative storytelling games are a fun, inviting way to explore fantastic scenarios, stimulate creativity and imagination, and to engage in a type of story-building that encourages empathy and explores other people's points of view.

In cooperative storytelling games, participants work together to design worlds, create characters to play, and collaboratively tell the stories of those characters' adventures.  Storytelling games use pen and paper, and some games use props like miniatures and maps, but most of what it takes is simply your imagination.



Cooperative storytelling games offer many benefits to children and adolescents. Players engage in long-term social cooperation, developing skills for collaborative storytelling, resource management, risk-reward analysis, and social problem solving.  Playing the role of the character they create also boosts self-esteem and confidence, by giving players the agency and autonomy to make decisions and come up with creative solutions to challenges, both on the spot and over the long term.


These types of games provide unique opportunities for children to experience the rewarding challenge of coming up with their own goals, and exploring how to plan and implement the achievement of those goals.


In our After School Club, participants design the world of the story entirely themselves. They populate it with their own ideas, build their characters (through which they experiment with their own identities and ideologies), and collaboratively create an innovative and meaningful story together over the course of the semester's twelve weeks.

Long-term participants in our program develop strong personal agency and advocacy, discover and confront their explicit and implicit biases, grow their self-confidence, and form strong bonds of shared experience with their peers.

Please note that we no longer accept cash payments! E-mail money transfers can be sent to us at:, and we also accept cheques, made out to 'Game Masters Table'.



Ages: 8+ (we try to keep age groups to 8-10, 11-13, and 13+)

Length: Sessions are held once per week from 4:00pm-6:00pm

    ~We offer three semesters per year; fall, winter, & spring


September - December

Mondays (14 weeks): $525 (no club on

Thanksgiving Monday)

Tues/Wed/Thursdays (15 weeks): $562.50

Fridays (12 weeks): $450 (no club on PA Days)


January - March

Mondays (10 weeks): $375 (no club on

Family Day)

Tues/Wed/Thursdays (11 weeks): $412.50

Fridays (9 weeks): $337.50 (no club on PA Days)

**Note: no club during week of March Break


April - June

Mondays (11 weeks): $412.50 (no club on Easter Monday or Victoria Day)

Tues/Wed/Thursdays (13 weeks): $487.50

Fridays (10 weeks): $375 (no club on Good Friday or PA Days)

*As part of our accessibility mandate, fees can be adjusted on a sliding scale for families in financial need.


Week of January 6th-10th, 2020

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